Who should go to Emmaus?

Emmaus is for the development of Christian leaders who….

• Are members of a local church
• Have a desire to strengthen their spiritual lives
• May have unanswered questions about their faith
• Understand that being a Christian involves responsibility
• Are willing to dedicate their everyday lives to God in an ongoing manner.


God is nudging you to sponsor someone on the Walk to Emmaus.
How do you become an effective sponsor? First, pray about it. Ask God to put those on your heart who could benefit from the experience. But, be prepared, because God WILL put someone on your heart!

Where do you go for help?
1. Pray!
2. See suggestions on the San Diego Emmaus website
3. The book, “Day Four” which you received on the Walk has everything you need to sponsor. Read Chapter 8.
4. Ask you sponsor to help you. They have already been a good sponsor and sponsored you!
5. The Board Registrar will contact you prior to the Walk to give you detailed instructions on your duties.
6. Pray! Ask God to help!

1. The biggest difficulty is picking the right person. This is not a program to cure people from emotional problems. The person should be emotionally stable since Pilgrims who need extra attention take away from others on the weekend. The Team already has their hands full with making sure the weekend runs smoothly. If they have to take time away from other Pilgrims and tend to just one Pilgrim, the others suffer.
2. The potential Pilgrim should not be consumed by other things that they cannot give their full attention to the weekend. If they are experiencing family or work crises, this might not be the best time to go on the Walk. 
3. The potential Pilgrim will have to have a spirit of charity and cooperation and be able to sit through talks without disruption.
4. They should be active church members with a church home. They can be leaders or potential leaders and should regularly participate in the church.
5. The potential Pilgrim should be willing to grow and move forward in their relationship with the Lord.

What to tell the Pilgrim:
Everyone has their own experience on the weekend, but tell them that it will be a deep and meaningful encounter with God a time to determine God's will for your life, and to learn what it means to be a Christian in today's world. Let them have their own experience on the weekend. DO tell them they will sit at tables and listen to 15 talks and that times of fun are mingled with times of quiet chapel experiences, that you will have communion each day. Tell them it is a short course in Christianity. Also explain the bedroom and bathroom accommodations.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any SD Emmaus Board member or your sponsors.

 Walk to Emmaus Sponsor’s Check List

Before the weekend

______ Pray for GUIDANCE on who to sponsor

______ Get applications in EARLY

______ Ask your Pilgrim for 4-5 names of family/friends who could pray for the Pilgrim.

               You can contact these people and also ask for personal Agape.

______ Request Personal Agape for your Pilgrims NOW

______ Maintain regular contact; Pray, reconfirm dates, shape expectations, 
               answer questions, ONGOING

During the weekend

______ Set pick up time for dinner and Thursday night arrival. DELIVER Personal Agape

______ Attend Sponsor’s Hour to select the Pilgrim’s cross

______ Check with Pilgrim Spouse to determine assistance needed

______ Attend Saturday evening CANDLELIGHT Ceremony

______ Attend CLOSING, take your Pilgrim home, reconfirm pick up for 
               4th Day Event

After the weekend

______ Attend 4th Day with your Pilgrim

______ CONFIRM Reunion Group invitation or formation of a new group